Each rehabilitation session starts on the day of arrival with lunch. It often happens that the patients come over to our center in late evening hours, in these cases dinner is left in the room for them.

Patients who come for the first time are greeted by an interpreter who takes the patient and his caregiver for a tour of the center and provides the patient with the plan of therapy as well as all the details necessary { the number of a gym, the names of therapists, etc}

The very next day after breakfast the rehabilitation session starts according to an individual schedule. In the beginning of treatment the patient is evaluated by a doctor – a specialist in rehabilitation who sets the program of treatment along with additional therapies and exercises if a patient shall need them.

At 8 o clock the patient goes to the room with gell compresses treatment or crio theray { 15 minutes} in order to relax muscles and sore joints and prepares the patient for therapy in the suit. For the next two hour, comes gym time in a EuroSuit which is preceded by a massage which will prepare for the intensive exercises in the suit. After finishing the therapy in the suit and a short break, the next therapies begin, for instance, therapy in the Universal Room of Medical Improvement – UGUL { up to 30 minutes}, in Lateral Hip Stabilizer – UBSB { up to 30 minutes}. After a short break the patient heads for vibrostimulation shoes treatment { about 20 minutes}. Another additional elements of rehabilitation process is the therapy in a vertical frame. During 20 minutes of standing in a vertical position the patient can occupy his time by playing with toys, board games supplied by a parent or therapists.

One of the most liked therapy are undoubtedly exercises on stable metric platform. The duration of the therapy depends on a condition and abilities of the patient. One of the numerous therapies offered in The Euromed Rehabilitation Center is hand therapy. For about 30 minutes under supervision and guidance of a therapist, the patient masters his manual abilities by improving the range of motion of palms, grip of fingers. The supplement of this therapy is a two hour art workshop twice a week. Also two times a week upon request the patient may have a consultation with a speech therapist. During the initial evaluation with the doctor of physical therapy the patient may be recommended the participation to additional therapies, available are multitherapy treatment which includes electrostimulation, laser treatment, electrotherapy { TENS, Diadynamic, Yonophoresis, Interdyn}, kinesiotaping. For an additional fee Euromed also offers biofeedback treatment.

During the therapy the patient and a caregiver is assisted by an interpreter who is available from 8 am till 2 pm.

A presented day of therapy is just an example of what we offer, however every patient has an individual program of treatment designed to his need. After finishing the daily program, about 2 pm, the patient along with a caregiver goes to a local dining room for lunch. The dining room, hotel rooms, gyms and laundry services are located in the same building.

In case of an emergency the doctor is called or the patient is taken to local hospital that is 20 minutes drive from the center

A few times a week the patient along with his caregiver may go to the nearest town- Koszalin, to malls, chemists, shops with rehabilitative equipment.

The session ends up with final medical evaluations during which the doctor   with therapists estimate the progress that was made as well as establish the homework – a plan of a therapy that should be performed at home in order to maintain the progress.

The patient is provided with a medical report – a detailed description of the condition before and after the therapy. The medical reports are translated into English, Russian, German or Italian.

On the day of departure a patient with his caregiver is taken to the airport by Euromed’s shuttle.

During 28 day session, six times a week { Sundays are days off} 4-6 hours a day a patient will undergo 144 hours of a therapy in total.