The therapeutic suit – EuroSuit is a modified version of the „Adeli” Suit.

The suit allows the patients to gain many new experiences related to sense of awareness of the patient’s own body and its behavior when in motion and in a space.

The system of the tendons of the suit, individually adjusted accordingly to dysfunctions,    results in a  maximum correction of pathological  responses of body posture as well as allows to correct the tension of  particular groups of muscles of the  trunk and upper and lower extremities. In consequences it leads to the creation of proprioceptive impulses which advance from muscles, tendons and joints.

The modified suit is made from a high-quality, more durable, breathable, natural fabric that guarantees comfort during therapy and reduces the risk of abrasions. The innovative form of  fastenings reduces the time needed for  putting the suit on. The variety of suit colors work perfectly during the therapy with patient of different ages.

The application of such a unique device as the suit gives the patients and the therapists a lot of therapeutic possibilities.