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The gym is equipped with three cages for resistant exercises and suspensions. The exercises in UGUL consist in performing movements in joints with an alleviation of the trained segment of the body. These exercises help prevent contractures, increase range of motion in joints, counteract atrophy and cause an increase in muscle strength.



Other therapies in our Center

In UGUL Gym positioning exercises are performed, which are to relax the spastic muscles and to decrease pathological reflexes. The suspension of the whole body, which globally relaxes the muscles, is also performed in this gym. Each part of the body is suspended with the use of ropes and suspensions attached to the frame or cage. The suspensions embrace the head, chest, pelvis, knee joints, ankle and metatarsus joints and elbow and metacarpus joints.

The dates of therapy sessions

Daniel has been participating in therapy sessions at Euromed since 2006. The therapy is conducted at a very high level and by a qualified team, who are able to wonderfully connect with each child. Thanks to this children return willingly in spite of the exhausting exercises. The huge amount of work put into exercises by the patient and his therapists give measurable effects.
I highly recommend the Euromed Rehabilitation Center.

Daniel's parents from Poland

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