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Device for lateral hip stabilization

Thanks to the use of elastic cords working on the stabilization of the body in various positions, with partial or full weight bearing on lower extremities is possible.
It facilitates the development and mastering functional skills such as sitting, crawling, standing and walking.
UBSB is designed for exercises stimulating balance reflexes. A patient undergoes the therapy in UBSB gym while being well stabilized and he has a feeling of safety. He performs the sets of exercises that improve control of pelvic movements with special attention paid to static and dynamic stabilization in the frontal plane.
During the exercises the patient is made to keep his balance while being stabilized at the upper part of his body (cross pattern exercises of the upper extremities), as well as while being stabilized at the lower part of the body (exercises involving throwing off balance of the torso).

Other therapies in our Center

Besides balance exercises, UBSB gives an opportunity to improve such important elements as:

  • counter rotation of the shoulder girdle in relation to hips (exercises in the long  axis
    of the body)
  • co-movements (alternativeness of movements of upper extremities in relation
    to movements of lower extremities with excessive stress put on alternativeness)
  • body posture (controlling the appropriate posture after completing each exercise, correction of head and back position  while performing exercises)
  • elasticity of the muscles affected with contractures or endangered with contractures
    (it gives a chance to introduce autoredressive exercises for great muscles such
    as shoulder girdle, trunk, pelvic girdle and lower extremities as well as combining these exercises with exercises of counter rotation of shoulders in relation to hips)
  • respiratory and circulatory efficiency (combining breathing exercises
    with the exercises improving the mobility of the pectoral segment of the spine
    and exercises stretching the trunk muscles, including the respiratory, accessory  muscles).
  • general efficiency and fitness.

The dates of therapy sessions

Over the last 10 years of experiencing rehabilitation sessions at EUROMED , we have achieved continuous and steady progress for our case .This progress is contributed to the EUROMED implemented programs and the therapists qualifications and unique experiences .

Nariman’s father from Egypt

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