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Vertical stander

Assuming the vertical position is very important for patients who have been immobilized for long periods of time. The vertical stander allows the patient to be placed in a vertical position in order to adjust the circulatory system to changes in body position.

Assuming the vertical position:

  • strengthens skeletal and anti-gravitational muscles
  • improves function of the respiratory system, enables bronchial drainage, improves lung ventilation
  • prevents demineralization of the skeleton.

The program of treatment is individually customized to the needs of each patient upon doctor’s and therapist’s recommendations.
The patients are under medical supervision. Euromed Rehabilitation Center works with highly qualified specialists, who guide and supervise the rehabilitation process and treatment of patients.

The dates of therapy sessions

We are always happy to return to Euromed for our next session. Apart from the complex rehabilitation we can always count on smiling therapist’s, who are able to motivate Maciuś in his exercises.
We are waiting for next May to come ????

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