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Therapeutic Suit

The therapeutic suit allows patients to gain many new experiences related to sense of awareness of the patient’s own body and its behavior when in motion and space. The system of the tendons in the suit, individually adjusted accordingly to dysfunctions results in a maximum correction of pathological responses of body posture as well as allows to correct the tension of particular groups of muscles of the trunk and upper and lower extremities. In consequence it leads to the creation of proprioceptive impulses which advance from muscles, tendons and joints.

The application of such a unique device as the suit gives the patients and the therapists a lot of therapeutic possibilities. The EuroSuit is a safe and effective rehabilitative device when used by professionals trained in its application.
The EuroSuit was developed along with an intensive therapeutic program in order to accelerate the effects of treatment.

The therapeutic EuroSuit is a modified version of the Adeli suit.

Other therapies in our Center

The program of treatment is individually customized to the needs of each patient upon doctor’s and therapist’s recommendations.
The patients are under medical supervision.
We work with highly qualified specialists, who guide and supervise the rehabilitation process and treatment of patients.

The dates of therapy sessions

Amelka suffers from Cerebral Palsy and requires constant rehabilitation. We have participated in several sessions at Euromed and ever since we have started coming here I am not looking for any other therapy center for my daughter because here she receives the best. The staff is super prepared substantively and very involved in their work, with an individualized approach to each patient. Additionally the center is located in a beautiful place right by the sea shore, it is quiet and peaceful. Amelka cannot wait for her next trip to Chłopy and exercises with her “aunties”.

Amelka's mother from Poland

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