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Metrical stabilizing platform

The Euromed Rehabilitation Center offers a new therapy with the application of The Metrical Stabilizing Platform.
It is a training of body control based on biofeedback which monitors shifting of the body weight and stabilization while a patient is in motion.
Thanks to the involvement of deep muscles, this kind of training improves proprioception and thanks to the brain integration it facilitates correct patterns  of movement. The training on the platform gives the possibility of body weight analysis while performing exercises as well as enables the therapist to estimate the position and weight bearing of the center of patient’s feet while carrying out exercises. This therapy is not only well tolerated by the patients but it’s also fun.
The effect of treatment on the metrical stabilizing platform is improvement in focus, balance and defence reflexes as well as coordination of movements and balance control.

The dates of therapy sessions

A proparly qualified team of workers, fully professional and incredibly engaged in working with other people. This is what the therapy at the Euromed Center is like. Knowledge, experience and an individualized approach to each patient makes the effects of the exercises incredible. My stay at the Center changed my whole life. Anybody who goes through this at least once will not be sorry and will certainly return here for a better version of himself.

Krzysztof from Poland

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