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Hand therapy

It is aimed at developing and improving the Fine Motor Function – apart from precise exercises of palm and fingers it also provides the patient with perceptional impressions, allowing him to learn more about shape and structure of various materials, improves grasping and coordination of hand movement. This therapy is a suggestion for patients suffering from paralytic, degenerative and rheumatoid changes of the hands as well as before and after surgical procedures.

During the therapy, supervised by a therapist, the patient aims to overcome contractures in muscles and joints and to restore the strength of the muscles and to improve the coordination of movements.

The dates of therapy sessions

[…] we would like to point to the most important thing: the Euromed center has brought together a unique team of professionals. […] In the middle of our stay I was shocked for the first time – Sonia started being able to stand by herself for a minute or longer, she was even able to take three steps! This really was a miracle. During her therapy Sonia was learning to walk with crutches and doing really well! Also Lisa was taught how to crawl and walk with a walker. By the end of the session the girl’s condition changed significantly, their muscles became stronger. [..]While Sonia and Lisa are still small we have the chance of teaching them to walk by themselves! This is our dream! We hope that we will have the chance to come to the Euromed Center where we received a lot of help and where we can receive more. My gratitude is endless!

Sonia and Lisa'a family from Russia

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