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Functional stimulation is used for therapy for patients afflicted with muscular function disturbances, neuromuscular diseases and for those who suffered various traumas or strokes.
The purpose of functional stimulation is regeneration of nerves and improvement of central control over function of muscles or organs. The therapy should be performed regularly in order to achieve the best results.

Noninvasive and painless diagnostic for muscle functions by EEG – the biofeedback method gives the possibility of muscle function estimation as well as estimation of these nerves that are responsible for muscles reactions during rest and in the process of contractions. This method allows to determine the awareness of the patient as for his muscle functions while performing exercises. Each patient is evaluated before the treatment in order to adjust the best parameters of functional stimulation per each individual.

This method consists in an active involvement of the patient in performed therapy that has a positive influence on effects and a progress made by a patient.

The therapy is not difficult to be performed. Adhesive electrodes are placed on a designated part of a patient’s body. For functional stimulation currents of the same frequency as the ones found in the nervous system are used. In order to obtain the desired effects the treatment requires a regular repetition of the stimulation. The patient who feels a mild activity of the maximally focus his/her attention on the muscles function. The goal of the FES is to improve nerve function as well as to heal the cause of the pain. It is important to note that correct application of FES does not cause any interaction with medication taken by the patient.
Gentle functional stimulation treatment evokes the electrical conductivity of the nerves and their ability to regenerate in the same manner as movement strengthens muscles and circulation.

In the case of muscle denervation resulting from nerve or spinal cord damage as well as in lesions to the brain centers resulting from stroke, head trauma, Cerebral Palsy it is important to maintain the activity of disturbed muscles. FES stimulation prevents muscular atrophy, degenerative changes of the muscular tissue, improves muscle tension, but mainly it regularly stimulates nerves.

Other therapies in our Center

Other applications of FES stimulation:

  • pain healing
  • in disturbances of blood supply
  • in disturbances of innervation
  • in rehabilitation of patients with paresis or spasticity
  • in treating inflammations, healing wounds and bedsores.

Contraindications to FES stimulation:

  • pacemaker or strong arrhythmia
  • epilepsy
  • inflammation of vagina, anus, lower urinary tract
  • in patients with severe urinary retention the stimulation of the pelvic floor cannot be performed.

The dates of therapy sessions

I would like to express my gratitude to the Euromed Center personnel for their professional approach and hard work. By the end of the session I could feel the obtained progress, I felt better. I wish you all good luck and prosperity.

Zhazira from Kazakhstan

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