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Additional therapies

Our offer includes additional therapies and treatments, which are included in the individualized therapy program according to doctor’s and therapists’ recommendations after the patient’s condition and needs are evaluated. 

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Additional therapies

Vibrostimulating shoes

This specialist device which has been built exclusively for our Center, together with a computer program, is designed to evoke impulsation going to the brain and stimulating reactions …


For multitherapy treatment we use a Combi 500 apparatus. It is a new generation device which produces all kinds of currents and it allows to …


Kinesiotaping is used as complementation to other therapy methods. It is a rehabilitative technique used to complement other therapeutic methods. In kinesiotaping a special tape is applied to various parts of the body. It aids the human body’s natural …

Biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback is a new method for the correction of various organism dysfunctions. Both the method and the devices used were


A therapy which consists in the  topical application of cold. In our Center we use liquid nitrogen the temperature of which is approximately 160 Degrees Celsius. Topical …

Hand therapy

Its aim is to develop and improve the Fine Motor Function. Apart from precise exercises of palm and fingers it also provides the patient with perceptional impressions, allowing him to learn more about shape and structure of various materials …

Metrical stabilizing platform

It is a training of body control based on biofeedback which monitors shifting of the body weight and stabilization while a patient is in motion…


Noninvasive and painless diagnostic for muscle functions by EEG – biofeedback method gives the possibility of muscle function estimation as well as estimation of these nerves that are responsible for their …

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