Euromed Rehabilitation Center, LLC deals with the rehabilitation of patients, both – children and adults, afflicted with lesions to the central nervous system of various etiologies.

Our patients are offered a program of treatment individually customized for every single patient. During the therapy with the application of the EuroSuit each patient works out with two or three highly qualified therapists, while remaining therapies are assisted by a minimum of four therapists. During the session the patient is assisted by six to seven therapists each day.

The work of an experienced therapeutic team has a significant influence on the accuracy as well as the diversity of therapy, and thus on the effectiveness of exercises.The choice of appropriate elements of well known and approved rehabilitation methods, exercises, treatments and equipment has an influence on exploiting the patient’s potential and on the progress in his treatment.

The patients are supervised by a doctor. The process of rehabilitation is consulted with a specialist in medical rehabilitation. The patients are also provided with the neuro-speech pathologist’s consultations.

Euromed Rehabilitation Center organizes 4 week and 2 week sessions. Therapeutic activities are carried out Monday through Saturday (Sunday is a day of rest).

The complex rehabilitation services rendered by Euromed Rehabilitation Center, LLC give an opportunity to establish the most adequate program for each patient upon the doctor’s and therapists’ recommendations, taking into account the patient’s abilities and his/ her medical case.

We offer the following therapies and treatments:

  • exercises in the therapeutic suit
  • therapeutic massage
  • MRT
  • vibrostimulating shoes
  • gel compresses
  • vertical stander
  • multitherapy: electrostimulation, laser therapy, electrotherapy (TENS, Diadynamic, Iontophoresis, Interdyn)
  • criotherapy
  • exercises in Gross Apparatus
  • kinesiotaping
  • hand therapy
  • art therapy
  • electrostimulation – upon doctor’s recommendations.

Biofeedback therapy is available upon additional payment:

  • REAMED-M  (a set for rehabilitation of locomotor dysfunctions)
  • REAMED-A (a set for rehabilitation of vision impairment).