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A day at Euromed

Each rehabilitation session starts with the patient’s arrival at the facility, usually in the late afternoon as the session starts with dinner on the day of arrival. If the patient and his guardian do not make it in time for dinner, the evening meal is left for them in the room. A therapy plan is handed to the patient by the receptionist together with the key to the room.

Therapy starts the next day, after breakfast, according to the received plan.

The program of rehabilitation is suited to the needs and condition of each patient, it is individually customized for each patient according to doctor’s and therapists’ recommendations.
The patients are under medical supervision.
Highly qualifies specialists work with the Euromed Rehabilitation Center and they direct and supervise the process of rehabilitation and treatment of patients.

Gel packs, massage and therapy in the suit take around 120 minutes. Therapy in the Universal Room of Medical Improvement – UGUL (up to 30 minutes), therapy in Lateral Hip Stabilizer – UBSB (up to 30 minutes).
Another additional element of the rehabilitation process is the therapy in a vertical frame.
Vibrostimulation shoes treatment (about 20 minutes).Among the more interesting and well liked therapies are exercises on the metrical stabilizing platform, the duration of which depend on the patient’s codition and abilities.
Another element of the complex program of medical improvement is hand therapy. Under the supervision of a therapist the patient works on improving his manual dexterity, improving the range of motion in his hands, the grip of his fingers. Two hour long art classes are a supplementation to this therapy, they take place twice a week.
The patient can also sign up for consultations with a speach therapist.
If, during an initial evaluation, the doctor recommends additional treatments, those can be multitherapy treatments such as electrostimulation, laser therapy, electrotherapy (TENS, Diadynamic, Yonophoresis, Interdyn), kinesiotaping. At an additional fee Euromed also offers biofeedback treatment.

The order of the treatments varies in each case but the general outline of the plan is similar for each patient. Most of those treatment take place between 8:15 and 14:15.

In case of an emergency a doctor is called or the patient is taken to the local hospital which is 20 minutes’ drive from the center.

A few times a week the patient along with his caregiver can go to the nearest town- Koszalin, to malls, chemists, shops with rehabilitative equipment.

The session ends with final medical evaluations during which the doctor and therapists evaluate the progress made by the patient, they also recommend exercises which should be performed at home in order to maintain the progress.
The patient is provided with a medical report – a detailed description of the condition before and after the therapy. The medical reports are translated into English, Russian, German or Italian.



Individual program of rehabilitation

The program of treatment is individually customized to the needs of each patient upon doctor's and therapist's recommendations.


Experienced therapeutic team

We work with highly qualified specialists, who guide and supervise the rehabilitation process and treatment of patients.


All-year rehabilitation center

We organize 2 and 4 week therapy sessions. Therapeutic activities take place Monday through Saturday.


25 years of experience

Thanks to many years of experience we belong to the leaders in effective rehabilitation of patients afflicted with cerebral palsy. We were the first to use the suit in treating patients suffering from neurological disorders.


Patients from all over the world

Patients from 57 countries have participated in therapy sessions organized by Euromed. 


Effective care by therapists

During therapy with the application of the therapeutic suit each patient works individually with 2 or 3 therapists. The remaining therapies and treatments are carried out by another 4 to 7 therapists.

The dates of therapy sessions

The physical therapy I received at Euromed was extremely beneficial to me as it greatly strengthened my muscles and ultimately trained me to execute the correct body posture and movements. Because of this and because of the friendly and enthusiastic attitude of the therapists, I highly value my time spent receiving therapy at Euromed.

Edward from Ireland

Euromed Rehabilitation Center


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