For  multitherapy treatment we use a Combi 500 apparatus. It is a new generation device which produces all kinds of currents and it enables to combine therapies. During one set of exercises for a particular case the designated kind of current along with ultrasounds may be applied at the same time.

ELECTROTHERAPY: the therapy in which we use DC or AC of various frequency.

The patients afflicted with lesions of the central nervous system (CNS) are mostly treated with DC, interferential currents, diadynamic currents or electro-stimulation treatment for denervated and spastic muscles. Depending on the kind of current and its dosage  the following may be achieved:

  • pain soothing
  • stimulation of muscles and nerves
  • inflammation soothing
  • increase in blood supply of tissues and improvement of their trophics
  • metabolism improvement
  • acceleration in  tissues regeneration.

Because each kind of current has different  electrotonic activity in muscles and nerves and during the therapy the dosage of current is often regulated accordingly to the patient’s sensation, it is important to note that not every patient with lesion of the CNS can undergo therapy with the application of current. Each patient is evaluated by a doctor or our specialists who decide  whether the patient is a good candidate for this kind of treatment.

ULTRASOUNDS: Introduction of ultrasound energy into the patient’s body with the use of a special head. Healing application of ultrasounds uses their thermal, mechanical and physicochemical activities. The ultrasounds action over the body is multi-level.


  • microcirculation improvement
  • increase of   pain threshold
  • increase in permeability of membranes
  • acceleration of metabolism
  • increase in stretching of collagen fibers
  • decrease of muscle tension
  • increase of range of motion in  joints
  • acceleration of regeneration.

LASERTHERAPY: biostimulation of tissues with the application of laser light is very popular in medicine and it is used in treating many neurological disorders, rheumatoid diseases and orthopedic disturbances. Locomotor dysfunctions are the main indications to this kind of treatment. Laser radiation evokes  analgesic effects, reduces inflammation and swelling, increases microcirculation and angiogenesis, has a great influence on immunological processes, facilitates regeneration of nerves and stimulates myocytes to synthease.