By application of gel compresses we produce an effect of warmth on the designated parts of the body and organism. The warmth has an analgesic and an antipologistic effect. The muscles relax and the extensibility of connective tissue increases.

In local application warmth has the following effects:

  • it improves blood supply
  • it works as an analgesic, especially in ailments caused  by increased muscle tension
  • it improves extensibility of collagen in connective tissue (it results in better therapeutic effects especially in patients suffering from contractures of joints)
  • it improves viscosity of  joint oil which increases the range of motion in joints
  • it facilitates performing  precise movements
  • it improves blood supply of tissues
  • it has  relaxing and soothing effects.

Thanks to high thermal capacity, silicate gels maintain a fixed  temperature for a long time. After being warmed up to 40 Degrees Celsius, they are applied on a particular part
of the body for 20- 30 minutes.