A therapy which consists in the  topical application of cold.

In our Center we use liquid nitrogen the temperature of which is approximately 160 Degrees Celsius. Topical decreasing of the temperature of tissues is to eliminate the pain and inflammation. This therapy has a wide range of application in acute inflammation conditions, in various kinds of pains, swelling and in increased muscle tension as well as in spasticity.

Cooling with nitrogen for more than one minute results in a decrease of muscular tension. Criotherapy does not overload the circulatory system.

Indications for local criotherapy:

  • acute and chronic diseases of joints and articular cartilage (Reumatoid Arthritis – RA, gout, Bechterev Syndrome)
  • spinal pain syndrome
  • rheumatism of soft tissues (for instance tendon inflammation)
  • consequences of accidents and other traumas such as twisting, dislocations, contusions, swelling
  • surgical  diseases such as contractures of joints
  • neurological diseases, for instance spastic and transverse hemiparesis, myasthenia, inflammation of front corners of spinal cord, acute nerve inflammation.

Contrindications to locall criotherapy:

  • cryoglobulinemia
  • cold agglutination
  • hemoglobinuria
  • hyperergia to cold
  • trophic disturbances
  • sensation disturbances
  • significant oligocytosis {anemia}
  • disturbances of tissue microcirculation
  • paralysis, parastesis, polyneuropathy.