Biofeedback is a new method of correction of various organism dysfunctions. Both the method and the devices used were submitted to many clinical tests and obtained a very good opinion from leading specialists of medical rehabilitation. Biofeedback therapy gives the patient  a unique chance to observe the processes which are going on in his organism. The essence of those exercises consists in the fact that the current information about the course of a given function is provided to the central nervous system in an alternative way. An adequate computer program presents the patient with a graphic and audio image of the presently trained function. During the therapy the patient recognizes his mistakes and notices his achievements both of which are represented by visual and acoustic effects on the computer screen. The patient, during his therapy, learns to control the specific activities on which he is presently working, the conscious control over which was lost or damaged due to the process of his/her ailment.

Incorporation of Biofeedback in traditional treatments and rehabilitative exercises allows to increase the effectiveness of  rehabilitation.

There is no contraindication to this method of treatment as it is based on natural processes and self-control.

The new computer technology is designed not only for adults but also for children  (4-5 years old).


the set for diagnostics and correction of locomotor dysfunctions of various etiology.

It is used for rehabilitation of patients suffering from various traumas, neurological infections, intoxication of the central nervous system, post stroke paralysis, spinal cord lesions, in Cerebral Palsy cases as well as with those patients who are afflicted with inherited tremor and other chronic diseases of the nervous system.

This therapy is also effective in patients who underwent contracture ablation or other surgical interventions performed on the loocomotor system.

The device allows to control and train two groups of muscles at the same time (agonist and antagonist muscle), depending on the muscle tension, the patient when performing exercises tries  to relatively increase or decrease the muscular tension.


this device is used for the correction of vision functions basing on electroencephalogram parameters. This method is used to effect the central mechanisms of the existing dysfunction of the vision analyzer through the development and strengthening of the specific reflex related to the activation of  EEG in the process of rehabilitation.