During this form of therapy Fine Motor Function is being improved. These activities also enable patients a contact with art helping them relax and calm down after a long day of intense and tiring exercises. The purpose of art therapy is, among others, providing tactile sensations, learning various shapes, textures and colors, improvement of the ability to grasp, improvement of coordination between vision and movement, improvement of focus.

During art therapy projects are made which reflect the creativity and needs of the persons who participate in them. Those activities promote ingenuity and allow patients to have a good time.
Our patients employ various techniques creating works of art on paper as well as various three-dimensional  forms (eg. animals, flowers). To make those interesting works of art standard art materials are used but also everyday use materials (eg. boxes, bottles, cups, buttons) as well as some edible articles (eg. noodles, flour, salt).

Not without meaning is good fun, satisfaction from a job well done  and a smile on patients’ faces.