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Euromed was set up in 1994. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest rehabilitation centers not only in Poland but also  in the world. It is important to note that Euromed was the pioneer in introducing the therapy wth the application of an adapted cosmonaut suit and uniting the well known methods of tretament with novel solutions.. The prototype of the  EuroSuit was  the Pinguin suit  which was  constructed    based of the original cosmonaut suit used in prolonged  space travels. It turned out that both the structure of the  suit and the technology of its application could be very effective in treating the patients afflicted with  Infantile Cerebral Palsy  or  any other locomotor disfunctions. Numerous medical researches, trials, and experiments proved that the methodology named Adeli is effective and it was implemented  to therapeutic program.

During  the wenty years of operation both – methodology and the suit have undergone  constant modification in order to increase the effectiveness of the rehabilitation.

Countries our patients come from


Why does it work?

The principle of  application of our suit seems to be very simple.

Thanks to properly tensioned rubbers and tendons placed on the suit the pressure on the appropriate parts of muscles is induced. As a result of this stimulation the parts of the brain responsible for the function of  particular parts of muscles „ learn” the correct reactions.

It is the same mechanism that we use while learning to walk, write or ride a bike.

But the suit itself is not  the key to the success  as is the posessioning of a violin, it will not   dazzle an audience in philharmonic. What is important in the  process of rehabilitation is the knowledge , techniques, years  of  experience and the attitude of  each patient, it is also the creativeness in motivating each patient in working hard and giving his very best.

Not every center  may offer the same service.  Not all therapists know how to use the suit properly. At first sight the suit may seem to be a simple,  uncomplicated  outfit with strange loops and it might give the impression that  incompetent  implementing of the suit may  even  do  harm.

Not only the suit

Knowledge, precision and experience, complex therapy and an individual program of  rehabilitation are undoubtedly our advantages. Most of our therapists work for Euromed  from the very beginning  and they have a thorough  knowledge  of the suit and the techniques of its usage  . There is  also a research department which supervises  improvement of  the methodology and modification of the suit. We want for our patients to be sure that we render  them the highest quality of services .

The application of the suit is only one of the elements of the numerous, various therapies   and exercises . The program of treatment is  very wide. Patients undergo therapy in the Universal Room of Medical  Improvement, exercises in the Lateral Hip Stabilizer,  vibrostilulating  shoes treatment, therapeutic massage, gel compresses, hand therapy, electrostimulation, exercises in Gross Apparatus,art therapy, vertical stander, Cryotherapy, kinesiotaping, multitherapy, laser treatment, electrotherapy { TENS, Diadynamic, Ionophoresis, Interdyn . All of these elements  are not only  the supplements of the complex program of rehabilitation offered by us, but they provide a thorogh plan of treatment  thanks to which patients recover in a very balanced and natural way.

Stimulation of the largest numbers of brain areas is indispensable  for achieving  the best effects of rehabilitation. That’s why  during the session of treatment  each patient is supervised by six to seven therapists.

There are as many forms of CP  as cases. Only upon receiving complete medical reports  along with  recommendations from the  doctor  the therapist may start the process of treatment  according to an individually customized program. The Euromed ‚s staff has a  highly qualified team of therapists who have extended experienced in  rehabilitation  and various methods such as:  PNF, NDT-boboath, Vojta, manual therapy, which are applied to our patients.
There are  proven, novel and still modified methods.

We do  our very best to make Euromed not only a rehabilitation center where a patient is simply implemented in gears, but also a friendly place where patients and their care givers  feel comfortable and they  know that we are here for them. We organize  leisure time for them,  arrange  appointments at  doctors, help them to do  little shopping, assist in purchasing  rehabilitative equipment. Our interpreters are very helpful in assisting  our patients and their care givers in case of any emergency.

During the 20 years Euromed we have dmitted over 8700 patients from  45 countries. Most of them visit us two, three times a year because  when seeing progress they want to continue the treatment at our center . The patients recommend Euromed to eachother,they  help and support each other in difficult moments. Such family atmosphere fosters the desire to return to us.