Dear Guests

The rehabilitation of people with special need is a long process of treatment . It is a challange for both- patients and therapists to whom even the slighest progress is  an award and brings lots of satisfaction. There is no place for idle promises and awaiting  miracles.

Only the hard work of the patient and therapist, experience,  engagement during the treatment and a thorough knowledge  in the field of rehabilitation, is the key to  success and  desired progess.

Our  patients often  tell us  their stories about numerous  trips  in search  of miraculous methods.  When they  finally reach Euromed  we try to explain to them very thoroughly that there  are no miracles, what is the process of rehabilitation is what goals we set for ourselves and our patients.

Many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation result in great achievements and even very severe cases  have had progress here.


Euromed Rehabilitation Center, LLC offers a 25% discount from the cost of rehabilitation for patients who will make a last minute decision to participate in the April session.
Extra bonus of 10 % for room and board for families who will stay at the Ledan facility.
Welcome to a two, three or four week session in April.
In order to enroll for the session, please contact on
+ 48 602 712 672
+ 48 602 712 598