This specialist device which has been built exclusively for our Center, together with a computer program, is designed to evoke impulsation going to the brain and stimulating reactions felt in the area of the feet during ambulation. This phenomenon is important in preparations for gait training, as well as for reducing and neutralizing pain when vibrations are directed at a specific area.

This device works accordingly to the rhythm of a patient’s steps. This effect is achieved by alternatively turning on and of the vibrators which stimulate areas of support first of one then of the other foot.

The therapy is well tolerated by patients. Many a time he has the impression of attaining the vertical position and sometimes he may have an illusion of walking. This reduces time of adaptation to attaining a  vertical position for non-ambulatory patients. This therapy has a positive influence over the vegetative innervation of a paralyzed limb that results in improvement of blood circulation and trophic functions and in consequence it  accelerates the therapeutic  results. The therapy significantly decreases chronic venous insufficiency which is one of the preventive measures for the most dangerous complications of strokes – thrombotic embolization of the pulmonary artery.