After a short break, starting from 3rd of May, 2018, Euromed is back in Ledan facility in Chłopy.
The facility is now run by a new, professional hotel manager, who is working on improving the services offered. We hope that you will notice positive change not only in the hotel decor but also in other areas such as maintenance and catering. It is just the beginning of a long time cooperation between Euromed and the new Ledan and we are optimistic that it will bring positive changes for our patients and their families.

Dear Patients

We have good news for You.

Since the first winter session { 14.01.2018} we start the presentation of 3 new elements of our therapeutic program In January, February, and March sessions You may try these therapies for free in our Center.


The EuroSuit has been modified due to introduction of a new element attached to the therapeutic suit. It is a device for improving the functions of the upper extremities thanks to appropriate setting and tension of tendons joining a shoulder, an elbow a wrist and fingers. The patients afflicted with problems of opening their palms, its correct setting, straightening and abduction of fingers, flexion of the wrists or straightening the upper extremities in elbow joints may benefit from this new device.

The new model of a suit was developed by a group of scientists, doctors and physiotherapists and it underwent lots of scientific tests.


Who may benefit from it ?

Magnetic sand has a vide spectrum of influence over the patient’s condition. It helps to reduce cerebral blood circulation disorders, improve general condition of a patient, helps in diseases of peripheral nervous system, it soothes irrytations, reduces stress and heals wounds of various orygin as well as allergies. It is also recommended to those patients who suffer from diseases of musculosceletal system, disorders of nervous system.

3 NEW VIBROSTIMULATING SHOES- OF NEW GENERATION- modified and more effective in comparizon with the shoes which were used before.

We will also introduce monitoring of exercises with the use of an innovative sensor system.

All these new elements implemented to the existing rehabilitation program will be free of charge during 3 months, since 14 January, 2018 till 28 March, 2018.


The rehabilitation of people with special need is a long process of treatment . It is a challange for both- patients and therapists to whom even the slighest progress is  an award and brings lots of satisfaction. There is no place for idle promises and awaiting  miracles.

Only the hard work of the patient and therapist, experience,  engagement during the treatment and a thorough knowledge  in the field of rehabilitation, is the key to  success and  desired progess.

Our  patients often  tell us  their stories about numerous  trips  in search  of miraculous methods.  When they  finally reach Euromed  we try to explain to them very thoroughly that there  are no miracles, what is the process of rehabilitation is what goals we set for ourselves and our patients.

Many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation result in great achievements and even very severe cases  have had progress here.